Key Information

CLIENT: Waltham Holy Cross School

BUDGET: £20,000

PROJECT: To install a mile a day track within the school’s grounds


Waltham Holy Cross Primary School contacted Ten Construction to discuss various options and budget they had for a daily mile track.

The track would generally help to improve children’s fitness, behaviour and concentration in lessons as well as encourage pupils and staff to get up from their desks and take the challenge on a daily basis.

We met with the Head and Deputy Head Teacher at school to survey the site and further discuss their requirements. We measured the school field area and agreed that the track would be installed around the outer edge of the field, leaving space in the middle of the field for the school’s annual bonfire event.  The track would fit the width of a wheelchair or two children running side by side.

We liaised with maintenance staff regarding to advise them that site access needed to be within 20 metres. We also took into consideration if there were any animal or deep holes that could be difficult to cover up.


Ten Construction agreed with the school that the surface would be resin bound rubber mulch. This comes in a variety of colours, which meant we were able to source a blue to match the school colours.

The total length of the daily mile track was 360m and 1.2m wide. This works out to be approx. 7 laps.

The track was constructed using a polyurethane bound rubber chip laid over a geo-textile membrane. This produces a permeable, resilient all-weather surface which also absorbs impact from falls.

It was installed over a 3-day period, with the school’s dog Sid being the first to test it out.

Two weeks later we went back to check if the surface had settled. We were delighted to see some of the children using the track during their PE lesson.

Our children love the new daily mile track. Since it has been installed, we have seen an improvement in their fitness, with many children using the track during all breaktimes. Additionally, we have been using the track during PE lessons and afterschool sports clubs. Members of staff have even taking to running the daily mile – it’s brilliant.

Headteacher, Waltham Holy Cross Primary School

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